Effective February 15, 2021, the CodeGuard support center will be merging with the Sectigo support center. This means that support emails will come from support@codeguard.com, and the knowledge base will be hosted on sectigo.com. There will be no interruption of our services, and you will continue to receive top of the line support during and after this transition.

Can I Switch From FTP to SFTP and Vice Versa?

Yes, but switching from FTP to SFTP means you will need to add your site again. Unfortunately, switching protocols has a number of implications for your backups. A new protocol will often mean that all of the paths to your files will change, the user and group associated with your content will change, and the permissions for the files will change. If you are wondering which protocol you should use (FTP or SFTP), we recommend connecting via SFTP as it is more secure, more reliable, and easier to whitelist.

Simple steps to change protocols:

  1. Create a new website (with the same URL), selecting the desired protocol (see screenshot below). So you will add this website like normal, choosing the root directory and the folders that you want to be backed up. Please note that if your account doesn't have space to do this, just contact CodeGuard Support and we will temporarily increase your quota.cg_add_new_site.png
  2. If you have any databases associated with your website, please contact CodeGuard Support, notifying us of the website that you added, and we will migrate the database(s) over for you.
  3. It is recommended that you delete your old website after your new one is up and running. To do this, first, go to your dashboard and select the website that you wish to delete. You should see two websites with the same URL, and the one you want to delete is the bottom one. You can also quickly tell in your dashboard via the visual backup history (pictured in step 4).cg_mysites.png
  4. After clicking on the website that you wish to delete. Click the settings tab.cg_ex_settings.png
  5. Scroll to the bottom and click "Stop Backup and Remove Website from CodeGuard".cg_delete_sites.png



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