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Is my database locked during backup?

CodeGuard does not explicitly lock database rows or tables at any time during the backup process.

For databases using modern storage systems like InnoDB, backups are performed using a single transaction. This allows for backup consistency while avoiding any lock or contention issues. As a result, this process will not impact the operation of your database.

However, if you have large tables using the legacy MyISAM storage engine, that could lead to undesirable behavior. Since MyISAM does not support transactions and enforces table-level locking for read operations, write and update requests to a table may be delayed while the data export is occurring. In the case of a very large table, they could be delayed for several minutes, giving the appearance that the database or application has become unresponsive.

The CodeGuard database backup process uses the industry-standard mysqldump tool to export your database content.

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