Effective February 15, 2021, the CodeGuard support center will be merging with the Sectigo support center. This means that support emails will come from support@codeguard.com, and the knowledge base will be hosted on sectigo.com. There will be no interruption of our services, and you will continue to receive top of the line support during and after this transition.

Can I schedule what time my backups run?

Yes! To schedule what time you would like your website's backups to run first click on the name of your website in the dashboard, and then click on the 'Settings' tab. 

The Scheduled Backup Time setting is inside the Advanced Configuration Options section of the page. We automatically detect what time zone you are in based on your account settings, but if you would like to change your time zone setting you can do so from your Account Settings page.

Changing this setting will also change the scheduled backup time for any databases associated with this website. This setting can only be edited on a website-by-website basis, so to change this setting for your other websites you will need to visit their Settings page.

For more information on your website's settings, please take a look at this video tutorial.

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