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What do I do if the WordPress plugin stops working?

So, you installed the CodeGuard WordPress plugin and entered your access key, but you encounter errors when trying to create a backup.

If this describes your situation, congratulations! - Your site's content is pushing the capabilities of the WordPress plugin ecosystem to their limits. As you may know, the performance of WordPress PHP plugins is greatly affected by the underlying host. Specifically, the way that they have restricted the way that plugins and PHP scripts are executed and the access they have to the files within the hosting account. Our plugin works well for most WordPress sites, but in cases where it doesn't CodeGuard also provides backups via SFTP and MySQL that are designed to be robust, reliable, and unaffected by the limitations inherent in the WordPress plugin ecosystem.

In order to back up your website with SFTP and MySQL, follow these instructions for adding your website and these instructions for adding your database.

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