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Bluehost Website Backup for VPS or Dedicated


How do you back up website(s) hosted on a Bluehost Virtual Private Server (VPS) or Dedicated Server? Rest assured, if you collect the right information and perform ONE step within the Bluehost control panel, website addition is a breeze. But, just to let you know - you will need attention to detail when collecting your account information, so you can save time when trying to add the website to CodeGuard.

What about the ONE key step? That is whitelisting CodeGuard's IP addresses so that we can access your database. What's a database? Don't worry about that for now - as long as you whitelist CodeGuard's IP addresses, we will search for your database and add it for you automatically. 

Start by logging into your Bluehost account, and then click on "cpanel" in the upper left.


A. SFTP Credentials: Information Collection

To add your site, we will need SFTP access. That means: (1) SFTP Hostname, (2) Username, and (3) Password. The SFTP Hostname is your Dedicated IP address and Username is your "Username" as seen in the image below. Your password for SFTP is the same password you used to log into your Bluehost account.

If you are confused about which password to use, it is the one you enter on this page:

B. MySQL Access: Your ONE task!

Ok, so you have your SFTP credentials and are eager to add your website. Don't forget to do this one next step! Go back to the homepage within your account by clicking on "home" in the upper left. Then click on "Remote MySQL" near the bottom of the page. 

Your next task will be to enter the following numbers into the list of IPs you are granting MySQL access.

When you are done, it should look like this (but with a different number for the first IP, as that is your Dedicated IP):

That's it! Now you're ready to use these credentials to add your site to CodeGuard. This article can show you where to put the credentials you collected: https://codeguard.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000610543-How-do-I-back-up-my-website-

And here is what the file directory structure will look like, once you get to that step. Look under public_html for the files associated with the website you want to back up.


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