Microsoft SQL Server Database Backup

To backup your Microsoft SQL Server database, you will need the following information:

  1. Microsoft SQL Server Database Name
  2. Microsoft SQL Server Username
  3. Microsoft SQL Server Password
  4. Database Management IP Address

Rackspace Cloudsites customers can find instructions for obtaining this information here.

To Add a Microsoft SQL Server database to your CodeGuard Account:

1. On a just-activated site, click the button to add a database. On a previously activated site, click the link at the bottom of the Website page to which you would like to add the database.


2. Enter the publicly accessible IP address of your database in the database connection test box. The database must be available on a public IP address at port 1433 or port 4120. If your database is on a different port, email to request assistance.


3. Both of our primary backup IP addresses must be able to connect to Microsoft SQL Server.


4. Click "Next Step" until you reach the credential entry page.

5. If we were able to connect to your database, the MS-SQL button will be enabled and checked, and the IP address and port fields will be pre-populated. 


6. Enter your MS-SQL Username and Password in the provided fields.
7. Enter the name of the database you wish to back up in the "Database Name" field, and click "Add Database".


8. Feel free to watch your initial backup progress. We will send you an email when we have successfully backed up you Microsoft SQL Database.


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