Effective February 15, 2021, the CodeGuard support center will be merging with the Sectigo support center. This means that support emails will come from support@codeguard.com, and the knowledge base will be hosted on sectigo.com. There will be no interruption of our services, and you will continue to receive top of the line support during and after this transition.

Setting Up White Label Branded Portal

Our Professional, Team, and Small Business plans offer a white labeled, branded portal which you can offer to your clients. You’ll look like a Pro while earning extra money and providing peace of mind for your clients! Setup is easy: Just fill out the form as seen below.

Step 1: Visit the branding page

From your dashboard, hover your mouse over the "Settings" drop-down in the upper right corner of your screen and select "Branding."


Step 2: Enter your information

Fill out the form with your company's information (Explanation of each field is below the screenshot).


  • Name: Enter your company's name. For example: "Drupal Web Design". This is how it will appear in text form throughout the site.
  • Subdomain: If you don't have your own custom domains, you can use a subdomain for totalwebsiteprotection.com. Enter what you want your website's subdomain to be. For example: "drupalwebdesign.totalwebsiteprotection.com.
  • Custom Domain: If you do have your own custom domain that you would like to use, enter it here.
  • Company Logo: This logo will appear in the top left of your screen at all times. It will also appear in any emails sent to your clients. The image must be 240px by 48px and have a transparent background for an ideal appearance.
  • Color Scheme: If you would like a different color scheme than our default, you may choose from one of the four available choices
  • Email Address: Enter the email address that you want to be associated with this account. Any email that is sent to your clients such as our ChangeAlert emails will have this email address as its sender. If a customer replies to those emails, it will reply to this email address
  • Support Center URL: This is the URL that you want the support link (in the top-right of your screen) to point to. If you leave this blank, it will direct the client to a generic page that directs them to email the email address in the previous box.

Step 3: Save and review

Click "SAVE SETTINGS". You will then be redirected to your new white labeled branded portal. If you selected a color scheme option this will also be reflected immediately after saving your portal settings.


That's all it takes! If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact our helpful support team. For more information about client access, please see this support article.

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