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Why didn't CodeGuard Automated Test Restore Work?

Relax! Your data is safe, but it seems that this website is not compatible with our test restore process. Don't worry, this doesn't mean that we won't be able to perform a real restore should you need one. Below are some reasons why this test restore could have failed, and what you can do to manually test CodeGuard's restore functionality if you choose to.

Why didn’t CodeGuard Automated Test Restore Work?

CodeGuard Automated Test Restore attempts to place a test file in the root directory of your website that can be displayed to you in a browser. Some reasons that this may not work are:

  • We could not find the root directory of your website. This can happen if the root directory is not the same as the root directory for your FTP or SFTP account.
  • The file that was uploaded could not be viewed in the browser.
  • CodeGuard could not connect to your server.

So how do I test CodeGuard's restore functionality?

Below are instructions on how to manually test CodeGuard's restore functionality. Completing the steps below without encountering errors will prove that CodeGuard can restore your content if you need to perform a real restore. Some of these steps may be slightly advanced for average web users. If you don't want to complete the steps below you can contact CodeGuard Support for troubleshooting assistance.

  1. Upload a test .html file into the root directory of your website using an FTP/SFTP client (e.g. FileZilla or CyberDuck). You can even use the CodeGuard test restore file.
  2. Go to the 'Files' page for this website and click the 'Run Backup Now' button on the right. Wait for the backup to complete.
  3. Once the backup has completed, you should see that your test file was added in the backup that was just taken. Now, remove the test file from your server using an FTP/SFTP client.
  4. Visit the 'Restore' page and click 'Restore Options' next to the backup that just completed. Using our Individual File Restore feature at the bottom of the next page, enter the name of the test file you uploaded into the input field. When its name appears, click on it and then click the 'Restore Selected' button.
  5. Using an FTP/SFTP client, log into your server and verify that the file was restored.

You can now remove the test file from your server. CodeGuard's restore functionality worked. More information about CodeGuard restore can be found in our Support Center

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