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How do I Activate or Upgrade my CodeGuard Plan Through WHMCS

If your hosting provider offers automated website backups through the CodeGuard cPanel plugin, activating, upgrading, or downgrading your CodeGuard account can be done through your hosting provider's billing interface. Follow these simple steps to activate, upgrade, or downgrade your CodeGuard account.

1. Log into your hosting provider's billing interface
Within the rest of this article, we assume that your hosting provider uses WHMCS to handle their billing. If this is not the case, please contact your hosting provider.

2. Navigate to the service upgrade/downgrade page
The following screenshots show the steps needed to get to this page from within a generic WHMCS interface.

First select "My Services" from the "Services" drop down menu.

From the "My Products & Services" page, locate your hosting package and click the "View Details" button.

Select "Upgrade/Downgrade Options" from the "Management Actions" drop down menu.

3. Select the CodeGuard plan that you would like to activate, upgrade, or downgrade to
At this point, you should now be on your hosting provider's "Upgrade/Downgrade" page. Find the "CodeGuard Website Backups" section and select the CodeGuard plan that you would like to activate, upgrade, or downgrade to. Please keep in mind that the CodeGuard plans offered by your hosting provider will likely differ from the ones listed in the screenshot below. It's also important to note that switching to a new plan may fail if your existing CodeGuard account does not meet the new plan's quota limits. Once you have made your selection, click the Continue button.

4. Accept the updated billing information and wait for confirmation
After you choose a new plan, you will be asked to confirm the new billing terms. Once you accept, your order will be submitted. You will then need to wait for your hosting provider to process the order.

5. Manage your CodeGuard backups from the CodeGuard plugin
How long it takes for your hosting provider to finish processing your order may vary. Once the process is complete, however, you should receive an email confirmation. At this point, you will be able to manage your CodeGuard backups through the CodeGuard plugin. Simply click on the CodeGuard icon within your hosting provider's cPanel interface.

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