Is my private key set up properly?

When adding a website with a private key, there are a few things you will need to do before you can add your website with it.

To begin, make sure that your private key is in RSA or DSA format. You will see one of these acronyms at the beginning of the key. For example:


If your key is in a different format like .ppk, you will need to either reformat it or create a new one in RSA or DSA format.

The second thing you will need to do is make sure that the public key in your key pair has been authorized. If you use cPanel, you can follow these steps from the "Shell Access" section of your cPanel:

1. In the Shell Access section of your cPanel, your public key will be listed as "authorized" or "not authorized". If it is not authorized, click "Manage"


2. Click "Authorize"


Next, you will need to decrypt the private key. You will need to know your private key's password that you used when you created it. If you don't have this, you will need to create a new private key. To decrypt your private key, follow these steps:

1. From the Shell Access section of your cPanel, click "View/Download" next to the private key


2. Click "Download Key"


3. From your terminal run the following command: openssl rsa -in path/to/file -out path/to/new/file


You will then be prompted for the key's password.

4. Open the new file, and you'll see your decrypted private key ready to go with CodeGuard



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