Effective February 15, 2021, the CodeGuard support center will be merging with the Sectigo support center. This means that support emails will come from support@codeguard.com, and the knowledge base will be hosted on sectigo.com. There will be no interruption of our services, and you will continue to receive top of the line support during and after this transition.


In addition to industry leading backup and recovery solutions, CodeGuard's patented MalwareGone™ functionality will automatically scan, discover and fix any threats your website encounters. Without MalwareGone™, these infections may go unnoticed indefinitely. Hackers don't need to deface your site to spread malware to your visitors and get you blacklisted by Google. CodeGuard protects you against this with MalwareGone™. While monitoring your site, if we detect any malware, viruses or spyware you will receive notification from us instantly and you can begin the remediation process with one click.

CodeGuard monitors your website daily to safeguard your content and reputation using state-of-the-art tools. In addition to sending ChangeAlert™ email notifications in the event that any web content changes are detected, CodeGuard will also instantly alert you in the event that viruses, trojans, rootkits, spyware or other malware appear on your site. You can then quickly take corrective action, starting with restoring your site using the CodeGuard MalwareGone™ feature.

To activate MalwareGone™, simply contact support and let us know you would like to activate it and which sites you would like it activated for. Once we've activated MalwareGone™, we will begin scanning your site for malware on your next backup.

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